Friday, May 4, 2012

Study Through Acts - Lesson Nine (chapter 6)

Acts Chapter 6

vv. 1-8          Who were the Hellenistic Jews? What was their relationship with Judean Jews? See this link:

Notice the Greek-sounding names of those by the apostles to oversee the issue. Why might they have been chosen What was their job to be? Who normally did those jobs in that culture? How important was that job deemed to be by the apostles? How were they commissioned by the apostles? Is there application for 21st century? If so, what is it?  See also Rom 1:1, Col 1:7; Phil 1:1; Col 3:16-17


v. 10-15   “Unable to cope with his wisdom” (Verse 10). Compare Luke 21:10-19, especially v. 15. Is there an application?  Early evangelization provided no bed of roses for Christians. Note the accusations made against Stephen. See also 1 Peter 4:9-19; Phil 1:27-29; Heb 10:32-36; 11:35-40. What might be an application for today? See also Joshua 24:15. How do these questions tie together with the article (above) on Hellenism? Is there evidence of a type of ‘Hellenism” at work in and around the Church today? If so, what ought be the Christian response?


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