Saturday, July 7, 2012

Acts Chapter 10:9-28

Study through the Book of Acts
Chapter 10 verses 9-28

[This week's lesson is a little shorter than most others because the few verses following verse 28 will cover a lot of territory. I thought it prudent to keep this lesson to a shorter, more manageable length] 

vv. 9-20        Consider Lev 11:20-25 and Deuteronomy 14:4-20. Explain now the first part of verse 17. Relate this to verse 15. Why do you think it happened three times?  See also Matthew 5: 31-44 with Jeremiah 31:31. Do you see any similarities?

Can you think of things we do in the 21st century Church that might be analogous if God     told us to do differently? Consider for example the differences between pre-Vatican II and post-Vatican II concepts of salvation (e.g. pre-Vat II – only Roman Catholics can be saved vs. post-Vat II – all properly baptized people are Christian and thus, can be saved). Or, what if the Church began to teach that all Christians of whatever denominational label could now be invited to the Eucharistic Table? Or there is no longer a need to baptize children? This is the type of seismic theological shift that faced  Peter and the other apostles.

How did verses 9-17 of chapter 10 prepare Peter for vv 19-20?  See verse 28 and 11:1-3. Was this Law, or tradition? See for example Psalm 22:22-23,25-28; Psalm 67. What, if anything, is the danger for the Church if we fail to follow the Holy Spirit's guidance regarding His desire for "all flesh" to be saved?

v. 28             What is the message here for us? See also Acts 2:16-17; James 2:1; Rev 5:9. Is there any room for bigotry or prejudice in the Church? Does Luke 6:37-38 speak to that question?

As I said at the top of this lesson, we will stop here. Verses 34-35 covers a lot of information, so we will look at that section next week.

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