Friday, August 3, 2012

Acts chapter 11 verses 18-30

Verse 18         How do you understand this verse in context with all we have looked at in Acts 10:11-11:17?

11:19-24          (Refers back to 8:1) Note what God does through persecution of His church.  See Rom 8:28; Mt 24:6-14; 42-51; Also Gen 50:20. Consider ‘The hand of the Lord’ was with them. Might you see an application for us with 1 Corinthians 15:58?

Note also the phrase, “With resolute heart” or “With purposeful heart” – Why did he (or anyone) need to encourage or be encouraged with a resolute heart in that day?  In our own? Note the comment in Hebrews 3, especially verses 12-15. How might we obtain a resolute or purposeful heart?

Verse 26          As an FYI, note this is the first Christ’s disciples were called Christians (at Antioch).  What does the term, “Christian” mean in historical context? What do you think of the definition found here:  Do an internet search of your own and see if you can find a better definition.

Verse 28-30    Note the disciples took care of the poor by choice – not coercion. Why is that important?  See 1 John 3:16-18; Matt 25:31-46.

We will start chapter 12 next time

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