Saturday, September 15, 2012

Acts 13, verses 21-39

As we continue our online study through Acts, I hope you will consider contacting me with any questions you might have.


Acts 13, verse 21    Israel asked for a king.  See 1 Samuel 8:1-8 for background why they asked for a king. Now compare John 19:13-15. Application to our lives?  How do we know who or what is our king? See this address by Pope Benedict to the American Bishops in January 2012. Pay special attention to paragraphs two, three and six. What does the question, “Who or what is our king” have to do with Pope Benedict’s address?

Verse 22       “David, a man after my heart.”  How was David a man after God’s heart?  What did he do to demonstrate that heart? See 2 Sam 12:7 and 13 with Psalm 51. What could David have done to Nathan? That he didn't demonstrates what virtue in David's heart?

Verse 23       “From the descendants of this man . . . a savior”  Compare Matthew 1:6-16. Note the precision of God’s plan followed throughout a thousand years from David to Jesus. Application for us?

Verse 27       How much do we hear that we do not really understand? Consider Jesus’ meeting with His disciples in Luke 24:16 and 45. See also Matthew 13:13-16. How do we obtain eyes that see and ears that hear? See Psalm 119:18; Rev 3:18. Application?

Verse 30       "But God" . . .  . That phrase is worth its weight in eternal blessing and promise. See also Eph 2:4; Gen 45:8; 50:20,24; Psalm 73:26.  Application for us?

Verses 38-39    What does ‘freedom’ look like to you?  Compare Gal 5:1-2; Hebrews 2:9-15 with 1 Corinthians 15:50-57, especially verse 55. Take a moment to reflect on the times you felt a sense of ‘freedom’ from the penalty and judgment for you sin. If you have never felt that way, why do you think that is? And more important, what will you do about it?

We will continue this chapter next time.

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